This is a partial list of my talks whose slides are available.

12. WOGAN at the SBST 2022 CPS tool competition (Youtube, slides)
SBST 2022 (May 2022).

11. Wasserstein generative adversarial networks for online test generation for cyber physical systems (Youtube, slides)
SBST 2022 (May 2022).

10. Falsification of multiple requirements for cyber-physical systems using online generative adversarial networks and multi-armed bandits (slides)
ITEQS 2022 (April 2022).

9. Initial nonrepetitive complexity of regular episturmian words and their Diophantine exponents (Youtube, slides)
Combinatorics on Words Seminar (June 2021)

8. Avoiding abelian powers cyclically (slides)
Combinatorics on Words Seminar (September 2020)

7. All growth rates of abelian exponents are attained by infinite binary words (Youtube, slides)
MFCS 2020 (August 2020)

6. Symbolic square root map (slides)
Matematiikan päivät 2020 (January 2020)

5. On numeration systems and automatic sequences (slides)
Steklov Institute Seminar (November 2018)

4. Abelian powers and repetitions in Sturmian words (slides)
Words and Complexity Workshop Lyon (February 2018)

3. Sturmin sanat ja ketjumurtoluvut (slides)
Matematiikan päivät 2016 (January 2016)

2. A square root map on Sturmian words (slides)
WORDS 2015 Kiel (September 2015)

1. Introducing Privileged Words: Privileged Complexity of Stumian Words (slides)
WORDS 2013 Turku (September 2013)